The Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance (GTMA) is a public-private partnership that serves as the key point of contact for businesses exploring opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The partnership brings together the 29 municipalities and regions in the Greater Toronto Area, the governments of Ontario and Canada, several not-for-profit organizations, and a broad cross section of private sector corporations.

Drawing on the expertise and resources of our partner organizations, the GTMA actively promotes the Greater Toronto Area internationally, and provides companies with professional assistance in evaluating, planning and implementing an expansion or move to the GTA. GTMA business information and site selection services are fully confidential and are provided at no cost.

Investors working with the GTMA receive support and expert guidance from human resource consultants, financial and legal advisors, and commercial/industrial real estate professionals. They also benefit from key contacts with corporate executives and senior government officials. By providing all-encompassing services to investors, the GTMA helps facilitate investment in the Greater Toronto Area and ensures the region is positioned internationally as a preferred business location.

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The Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance



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